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Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose

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12 Shade Professional Series


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Designed for makeup artists or the skilled shadow fanatic, our 12 shade professional series palette is for the serious shadow lover!

What is it: Our professional series is available in three variations of perfectly-paired matte and shimmer shades so you can blend, build, highlight and contour. Each palette has an impressive range of colors and finishes—matte, shimmering, and glittery. With universally flattering colors, each palette has been created to flater any skin tone, and bring out the beauty of any brown, blue, or green-eyed Frankie lover. These complete palettes are all you need to transform your eyes, from natural and sexy to bold and dramatic.

What does it do?
Intrigue- Nude, natural, and everything your heart could desire. Intrigue’s 12 colors are: Sonic (black matte), Steel (glitter black), Java (matte brown), Suede (shimmer brown), Truffle (dark olive shimmer), Moss (medium olive shimmer), Mystic (light green shimmer), Sepia (medium brown shimmer), Sorbet (gold shimmer), Vivid
(peach shine, no glitter), Sparkle (shimmer highlight), Buff (matte highlight).

Allure- A little bit natural and a little bit fun, fierce, and Frankie. Allure’s 12 colors are: Star (Glitter blue), Wink (dark shiny blue), Lilac (light shimmer blue), Grape (dark purple shine), Iris (light purple shimmer), Bell (medium purple shimmer), Twilight (dark glitter plum), Lotus (medium matte purple), Supreme (dark shimmer pink), Sweet (peachish shimmer pink), Almond (light shimmer pink), Buttercup (matte highlight).

Muse- Wild, fun, and free…just like Frankie. Muse’s 12 colors are: Snow (matte white), Daze (matte black), Ash (matte dark brown), Coffee (medium matte brown), Basil (dark teal matte), Bay (light matte teal), Currant (matte dark red), Lotus (matte purple), Buff (matte highlight), Day (matte yellow), Nectar (orange matte), Willow (matte lime green).

How to use: To get the most of our Allure palette, use the lighter colors as base on the lid (Almond, Iris, or Bell) using our PRO Blend i Brush, use darker colors in the crease (Wink, Twilight, or another darker color) using our PRO Shade i Brush, and use the lighter colors under the brow to highlight (Buttercup) using our PRO Precision i Brush. Finish the eye look with our Infinity Eye Pencil in one of our 2 gorgeous colors, and finish with our Vibrant Volume Mascara for the most think, full, show-stopping lashes you’ve seen yet. For ideas on how to use our Intrigue and Muse palettes, check our our blog Frankly, My Dear.

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