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Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose

Language: English

Frankly My Dear

Video Review by YouTube sensation SazanBarzani

KATIE Couric Tune In to Win Giveaway!

Katie Couric

We’re thrilled to share with you that Frankie Rose Cosmetics was featured today on the ABC Talk Show KATIE for her “Tune In to Win!” Giveaway! One lucky winner will win the fabulous Holiday Makeup Gift Set that includes: Blush “Lola”, Lipstick “Cabernet”, Lip Gloss “Winter Plum”, Eyeshadow “Platinum”, Eyeshadow “Lace”, and Eyeshadow “Dark Secret”. For full details on KATIE’s Frankie Giveaway, visit KatieCouric.com

Alyson Stoner wearing Frankie in ZooeyMagazine!

FrankieRoseCosmetics and ZooeyMagazine
Photographer: Roneil Chavez
Hair and Makeup: Jeanne San Diego for Frankie Rose Cosmetics
Stylist: Lucia Tran

We are thrilled to share that Frankie Rose Cosmetics was recently featured in Zooey Magazine on an article featuring “triple threat” Alyson Stoner. To recreate this gorgeous makeup look that was applied on Alyson by the talented Makeup Artist, Jeanne San Diego, here are the products she used…

FrankieRoseCosmetics ZooeyMagazine

To complete the look, we recommend also using the following Frankie Rose Cosmetics:

Check out the full article in Zooey Magazine HERE.

Frankie Rose Cosmetics featured on LaLaScoop.com


Check out Frankie Rose Cosmetics featured in a fabulous article on LaLaScoop.com

This week we’re featuring a stunning Fall Makeup Tutorial done by the very talented Makeup Artist, Jade Baird of Kissable Complexions. Jade also included her personal review on some of her favorite Frankie Rose Cosmetics. Enjoy~

Consistency: Creamy, smooth and lightweight
Coverage: medium to full
Hours: 12+ hours
Best for: All skin types
My color: Olive
Why I love it: 
Ok, now I am really going to go on a tangent about how in love I am with this foundation. I do not lust over foundations very often, I am very picky about what I use on my face as well. The Matte Perfecting foundation gives the perfect coverage without using a bunch of the product, I suggest using around a nickel size amount all over the entire face with a PRO Duo Brush. I loved how the foundation wore on my skin the entire day, it is breathable and can be layered to get even more coverage. It truly looks smooth and flawless skin and I am so glad that I have found it. Buy it HERE.

The Powder Foundation $30
Coverage: light to full
Face setting powder: “Vintage”
Why I love it: This powder is great because you can lightly tap it over your foundation to just set the liquid or you can just apply it straight to the skin without any liquid foundation underneath for a more natural look. For this look I used a small amount of powder with the FR PRO Powder brush. I lightly tapped it all over the skin. Buy it HERE.

Why I love it:
You get two beautiful bronzers with this trio. The blush is a peachy/pink shimmering shadow, I applied it to the apples of my cheeks for this look. For my contour I absolutely love the light bronzer on the far right. It is a soft brown shade and very easily blended into the skin. Buy it HERE.

What I’m wearing: To get this pinkish-nude shade I applied both of these glosses to my lips. These two make the perfect mixture. Frankie Rose glosses are great because they aren’t sticky like most, they also stay on for quite a while which is really important for my clients, especially brides. I also like how they tint the lip color like a stain.
Lip #1: Valentine
Lip #2: Sugar

These are highly pigmented shadows and are equivalent to MAC shadows. 
Step 1: Prime the eyes with an eye primer
Step 2: Apply #1 to the inner corners of the eyes for a brightening effect.
Step 3: Apply #4 , a shimmering gold, all over the lid.
Step 4: Apply #3, a shimmer lavender, to the entire crease of the eye from front corner to outer corner.
*TIP: Dont worry about making the outer corner super sharp because we will sure concealer to make a clean line.
Step 5: Apply #2, a deep plum, over the lavender in the same area {crease}
Use a soft blending brush to make a really smooth blend in the crease of the eye, extend the shadow out past the corner of your eye, this will give the eye a very angled look.
Step 6: Apply #5, a soft brown, underneath the waterline for a smokey effect. Apply the #3 lavender over this brown shade for a more smoldering look.
Step 7: Apply the FR black eye pencil to the top outer corners and smudge outwards with a tapered brush, also apply it to the inner bottom waterline and all the way inward toward the tear duct.
Step 8: To make the super sharp defined shadow, get a concealer brush and a small amount of the same color foundation and draw a line upward towards the corner of the end of the brow. blend it in by tapping the foundation with your finger, this will give you that super cut and angled effect.
Step 9: Apply some false lashes for an even more dramatic effect
Step 10: Coat the top and bottom lashes with the FR Lash Lengthening Mascara and your look is complete!

*TIP: I applied a little bit of the shimmering white #1 shadow with a powder brush to the high cheekbones and down the center of the nose for a nice highlight. Who ever said that you couldn’t use shadow for highlight? Makeup is about experimenting and being artistic , so have fun with it!

Brows: I used #5 to fill in my brows also!
Brushes used:
“Frankie Rose is who every woman wants to be. You most likely already know someone like Frankie Rose… She might even be you! She’s fearless, beautiful, confident and sexy. She knows who she is and what she wants. On days when you feel amazing in your own skin, when you feel like you can do anything…you catch a glimpse of her in your mirror. There’s a Frankie Rose in every woman, just waiting to be unleashed.”
I cant wait to show you all a lot more looks from this new upcoming line. Get your Frankie Products today and let me know how you like them! Happy weekend already!