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Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose

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Single Shadow



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Prepare to entrance with our mesmerizing, expressive eyeshadow shades that are sure to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

What is it: Shadows created in a range of colors to bring life to your lids, line your eyes, and shade your brows.

What does it do? Create captivating eyes with our richly pigmented single shadows, available in 18 unique shades. With matte and shimmer finishes, these long-lasting shadows are especially formulated to glide on smooth and blend effortlessly.

How to use: To create a timeless look, select three shadow colors (a light, medium, and dark). Start with the lightest shade to use all over the lid using our PRO Blend i Brush. Then select the darkest color to use with our PRO Shade i Brush on the outer portion of your lid. Finally, blend the medium shade on the inner and middle portion of your lid using our PRO Precision i Brush to get the most perfect effortless look. For more ideas on how to achieve envious eyes, check out our blog Frankly, My Dear.

Fill Weight: 11 grams

Lace Eyeshadow: White Frost Shimmer Eyeshadow Without Glitter
Platinum Eyeshadow: Silver shimmer eyeshadow that has luminous sheen without glitter
Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow: True gold eyeshadow that has shimmer and glitter
Cotton Candy Eyeshadow: Shimmering light pink eyeshadow without glitter
Hydrangea Shimmer Eyeshadow: Shimmering light purple eyeshadow without glitter
Patina Eyeshadow: Shimmering Light brown luminous eyeshadow without glitter
Copper Shimmer Eyeshadow: Shimmering bronze eyeshadow without glitter
Plum Cocktail Eyeshadow: Dark purple plum shimmer eyeshadow with llight glitter
Cocoa Eyeshadow: Dark matte brown eyeshadow without glitter or shine
Raspberry Eyeshadow: Shimmering bright red eyeshadow without glitter
G.I. Green Eyeshadow: Dark shimmering forest green eyeshadow without glitter
Bella Blue Eyeshadow: Bright shimmering blue eyeshadow with light glitter
Exotic Red Eyeshadow: Bright red-matte eyeshadow without glitter or shine
Dark Secret Eyeshadow: Dark matte black eyeshadow without glitter or shine
Slate Teal Eyeshadow: Bright teal-matte eyeshadow without glitter or shine
Champagne Eyeshadow: Shimmering taupe eyeshadow without glitter
Satchel Eyeshadow: Matte medium brown eyeshadow without glitter or shine
Autumn Blossom Eyeshadow: Creamy pearl eyeshadow great for highlighting that has a luminous sheen without glitter

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