About Frankie Rose Cosmetics

Los Angeles based Frankie Rose Cosmetics is specifically formulated to offer flawless, long lasting products for all skin types. From dry, normal, oily, to even the most sensitive skin.

Makeup Artist and Co-Founder, Sarah Udink knows first hand the struggles of sensitive skin as she's battled severe eczema for as long as she can remember. Looking back, she remembers searching high and low to find a makeup brand that would provide her with the look she wanted without causing skin irritation. After being disappointed time and time again, she decided to build a makeup line that would offer the best of both worlds: Flawless coverage that leaves your skin looking like you stepped out of a magazine, yet feels so lightweight you'll forget you're even wearing it!
Since launching in 2013, Authentic customer reviews of Frankie Rose Cosmetics face products via online and across social media platforms is what has truly put them on the map!

Whether it be a before and after picture (split screen revealing severe psoriasis & after appearing to have little to no skin condition) posted on Instagram stating "I can finally smile with confidence knowing my skin looks flawless while wearing your Matte Perfection Foundation!" or a YouTube video review where you can just see the overwhelming excitement on the face of a girl saying "My search for the perfect foundation is over! This formula has wonderful matte coverage without the heavy feel. The entire Frankie Rose line is high end quality! They also have wonderful customer service and answered all my inquiries."...

Frankie Fans deserve the best and we are honored to be able to deliver!