Frankie Rewards

How do I become a member?
  • If you already have a Frankie Rose account, congrats! This means you are a rewards member. All you need to do is simply log into your account to check out your dashboard.

How does refer a friend work?
  • Invite your friends to check out Frankie Rose and your friend will receive 15% off, we’ll also give you +100 points once your bestie makes their first purchase.

    To qualify for a referral, your friend must be a new customer (they have not purchased from our site in the past) and have a valid email address.

Will I get free shipping?
  • Standard shipping rates apply. To see more about our shipping rates, click here.

If I return my items, do I lose my points?
  • Because you earn points with dollars spent, you will lose points for every dollar refunded. If you return for a gift card or an exchange, you will keep the points earned! However, you will not receive new points when your gift card or exchange is issued or redeemed.

I forgot to login at checkout, can my points be added to my account?
  • Please ensure you are logged into your Frankie Rose account when placing an order, this is the only way to guarantee your points to accumulate. Unfortunately if you are not logged in, your points may not be able to be added. Please contact our customer service team for more help.

Can I change my rewards account email address?
  • Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to change the email address associated with your Frankie Rose Rewards account.

If I have multiple email addresses, can I combine my points?
  • At this time, multiple email addresses cannot be combined.

Can I earn points for purchases I made before joining the program?
  • Your points start accruing once you join the program. Points cannot retroactively be applied.

Can I earn points on orders paid with a gift card?
  • You can only earn points on purchases made with a debit card or credit card. Purchases made with a gift card will not earn points toward your account. If you use both a gift card and a debit/credit card on an order you will only earn points on the amount paid by the debit/credit card.

How do I know if my points have been added to my account?
  • Your points should automatically post to your account after placing your order. You can track your points balance in your account dashboard.

I can’t see my latest points on my account. What should I do?
  • If after one business day you still don’t see your points posted, don’t worry! Reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

Why can’t I see my points after submitting a product review?
  • Reviews are posted to our website within one week of submission. It may take a few additional business days to post the points to your account. If you still don’t see your points after 3 business days, please reach out!

    Please note, you can only earn points for submitting 1 review per month. You are welcome to review multiple items you've purchased, however within the month. Points will only be added for the first review.

    You must submit the product review via the review request email you receive 21 days post-purchase.

Where do I track my points?
  • You can track your rewards history by logging into your Frankie Rose account and navigating to your dashboard.